Bianka Csenki is a self-taught photographer born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, whose work is closely related to her obsession of endless exploration, diverse experiences and the perennial documentation of everything in-between. She is a 24-year-old artist who became passionate about photography during her Bachelor Degree of Art History at the University of York in England. During those years she developed a keen eye for aesthetics and a sensitive approach to color and detail that still linger in the heart of her work.

Driven by curiosity, the urge to challenge her boundaries as well as to study the World, Bianka began her journeys throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. The transformative experiences she continuously encounters on the road has helped to deepen her understanding and respect for Mother Earth. In her latest work Bianka aims to present the raw magnificence of the planet that we inhabit and must preserve.

Bianka’s mission is to create meaning- and soulful work focusing on universal and limitless Love, meanwhile endlessly listening, witnessing and giving back through connecting with individuals from all around the Globe.

Selected Clients

Ofobike / Kolorádó / Casas ViejasTRIBE de MAMA / Nomad America / Climate-KIC / Synetiq / Kieselbach GalériaPalladio / Raw Labs / Freedom X FestMhmm / Balkan Campers / Paradiso / UbikEklektikK2 Events / Soul Sanctuary / IYASSU


Instagram: @8iank4

Bianka Csenki